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The adoption process in Italy is particularly complex and regulated by legislation that tends to protect each child’s right to have parents capable of providing for all their necessities as they grow up and also to ensure that parents possess all the essential requisites to be eligible to adopt. For this reason, there are numerous time consuming processes involved in adopting a child and aspiring parents risk losing their way in all the bureaucratic procedures involved in this highly detailed process.

The Dionisio law firm boasts many years of experience in the field of national and international adoption offering expert consulting services to all aspiring parents that have decided to adopt a child. We provide our clients with top level legal assistance during every step of the process starting from the submission of the adoption application, the declaration of suitability and the fostering stage prior to adoption right up to the conclusion of the entire process with the official adoption registration at the Civil State Registry by the Juvenile Court to ratify the adoption. Of critical importance in this area is the possibility that the Juvenile Court may not deem an international adoption to be suitable. In such case an appeal would need to be lodged at the Court of Appeals within a period of 10 days. In this delicate stage our firm with its professionalism and experience will humanely assist and accompany you.

In addition to the adoption of minors, our law firm also handles the adoption of mature age persons and adoptions in special cases described in Articles 44 and subsequent of Law 184/1983 (when the person adopting has at least a 6th degree relation to the minor, or when they are the live-in spouse of the parent of the minor and other cases).

Our Law Firm also boasts many years of experience in the following matters:

  • acknowledgement of paternity;
  • judicial declaration of paternity and disavowal of paternity;
  • exercise or limitation of parental authority or relinquishment of the same;
  • succession in favour of minors, legal protection and guardianship.


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