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Legal separation

When the paperwork is set in motion for a legal separation, it is important to consider the many financial and personal implications that need to be dealt with.

If the couple has children, it will be necessary to establish custody and living arrangements for the child, and regulate relationships with both parents in addition to establishing the amount of child support to be paid. These measures must be in the best interests of the child in order to ensure that he/she is not traumatised by the effects of the separation.

In relationships between spouses, it is important to resolve financial questions concerning the allocation of the marital home, establishing alimony payments for the financially weaker spouse and the division of any mutual assets.

Agreements that are acceptable to both parties can be reached concerning these issues by means of a consensual separation obtained in out of court settlements for which the Dionisio law firm offers its clients the full experience of its team.

If an agreement cannot be reached, then it will be necessary to proceed with a judicial separation.

For this reason, it is critical to place your trust in professionals that are best equipped to handle all aspects of marriage separations, providing top level legal advice and maximum professionalism and experience.


The end of a marriage is always a particularly delicate time for spouses as they prepare to permanently interrupt their life together.

The decision to get a divorce is a serious one with significant consequences from both an emotional and psychological point of view, as well as a financial one.

In order to deal with such a delicate decision, it is essential that you place your trust in a divorce lawyer who can give you the best possible support from the outset and throughout all the stages of the process.

Divorce, like separation, may be dealt with by negotiation with significant time and cost savings or by means of a court ruling, depending on whether or not it is possible to reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties prior to the start of the trial or during it.

A divorce ruling, which results in the definitive end of a marriage (if performed in a Registry Office) or the termination of its civil effects (if performed in a Church ceremony), will set out the conditions regarding the living arrangements of children and their relationship with their parents, as well as financial issues, including family maintenance and any alimony payments to the spouse who is not financially self-sufficient.

In addition to alimony payments, other important aspects also need to be dealt with, such as the right to receive the ex-spouse’s pension and the right to a portion of the ex-spouse’s severance pay.

The Studio Legale Dionisio Avvocati Associati in Turin offers clients divorce lawyers who are experts in marriage law to allow you to best deal with your divorce case right up to the final decree.

Negoziazione assistita

As of December 2014, the assisted negotiation procedure came into force.

This procedure offers the possibility for spouses to separate or divorce by finding a consensual agreement, without substantially referring to the Court.

The procedure is applicable both in the presence and absence of children and the assistance and representation of a lawyer is necessary.

In the event that there are no children, the agreement reached, signed and authenticated by the lawyers of the parties, is subject to examination by the Public Prosecutor at the competent Court, which provides the authorization, obtained which is transmitted the agreement with the Registrar, who provides the necessary subsequent obligations.

If there are children, the Public Prosecutor authorizes the agreement only if it is in the interests of the children.

The assisted negotiation allows a significant acceleration of the times, but it is necessary a wide collaboration from the spouses and an almost absence of contrasts between them.


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