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Lawyer Giovanni Dionisio

Avv. Giovanni Dionisio

Lawyer Giovanni Dionisio, born in Turin on the 11th of January 1968, is Honorary Consul to Finland for Piedmont and the Aosta Valley. He obtained his High School Diploma from the Liceo Massimo D’Azeglio in Turin and graduated in Jurisprudence from the Università degli studi in Parma. He is fluent in English and French.

He is enrolled on the Register of Lawyers at the Court of Appeals in Turin and the special Court of Cassation Register.

He is President for the Piedmont and Aosta Valley district and a member of the AIAF (Italian Association of Lawyers for Families and Minors) national Directorate.

He is well known for being one of the leading experts in the fields of separations, divorces and any other legal matters concerning Family Law and Juvenile Law.  He has had many articles published on Family Law and Juvenile law and regularly participates at conventions on these subjects.

He is a partner at the Studio Legale Dionisio – Avvocati Associati.


Conferences and publications

Coordinator/moderator of the AIAF Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta conference on 12/09/2015

“The investigation phase in the proceedings of separation and divorce in Valle d’Aosta :” criticism and solutions.

Coordinator/moderator of the AIAF Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta conference on 11/11/2014

“Application of innovative norms in the field of ​​family and filiation particulars in Valle d’Aosta”

Coordinator/moderator of the Piemonte AIAF conference on 28.11.2014 AIAF on “The offence under Article. 388 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code of Valle d’Aosta. The violation of civil court procedures on the custody of minors. Procedures applied and criticisms”.


On 11/14/2014 International disciplines, and comparisons and insights – AIAF Piemonte joint reflection on child custody in Valle d’Aosta including the timeframe of parental residence – contributory profiles, also in reference to the family home, in various European cases.

Compensation for endofamily damages on 17/07/2014 for the Piemonte AIAF (Coordinator/Moderator) and in Valle d’Aosta

The protection of vulnerable parties in family crises: 06/27/2014 AIAF Piemonte defensive strategies in civil and criminal cases in Valle d’Aosta (Coordinator/Moderator)

The family advocate in light of the new 03/04/2014 AIAF code of conduct for Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta (Coordinator/Moderator)

The presidential phase: the advocate’s position 26/09/2013 AIAF Piemonte. His role in the pre-trial stage in the Aosta Valley. Technical preparation and strategy for the hearing. The evaulation of acts, the new provision of convocations, problems relating to hearings for minors (Speaker)

Support administrator. Ranges and constraints 20/09/2013 The formalities of Eastern Piemonte economic practice and lack of liquidity of equity assets under administration. Responsibility for non-fulfillment. Anticipation from start to finish and reimbursement. A. D. S. compensation (Speaker)

External expenses relating to minors in the AIAF 07/16/2013 Piemonte divorce and separation procedures, ex art. 317 in Valle d’Aosta. Law 219/12 concerning family law 05/07/2013 COA Aosta family and children (Speaker)

The code of ethics in procedures 06.19.2013 Jurist Union in matters of Catholic Italian family and juvenile law Penal protection of economic measures 06.11.2013 AIAF Piemonte in the field of family law in Valle d’Aosta

A changing society, a changing family: 23/05/2013 AIAF Piedmont functions, powers and responsibilities for Valle d’Aosta lawyers

Truth and falsehood – the risks and limitations of trials 10.5.2013 Declarative Commission in Scientific civil and criminal trials (Speaker)

Unlawful interference in private life 26/11/2011 Commission of Scientific COA persons (Speaker)

22.03.18 – Divorceous allowance: the transition from the standard of living to the principle of self-responsibility Coordinator / Moderator. Organized by Aiaf Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta


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