Marriage lawyer

Marriage lawyer
Marriage lawyer

Although the marriage lawyer is often associated with cases of marital separation and divorce, he is, in reality, an expert in family law and child’s rights who provides his assistance in a wide variety of cases related to specific problems of married life.

In particular, the marriage lawyer deals with:

  • advice on the rights and duties of spouses
  • consultancy for consensual and judicial separations
  • modification of the separation conditions
  • legal assistance for consensual and judicial divorces
  • cohabitation agreements
  • family mediation
  • consultancy on the subject of matrimonial property regime
  • civil unions
  • adoptions
  • stepchild adoption
  • assisted negotiation
  • recognition of children in same-sex couples

and much more. He is, therefore, an important reference point as far as matrimonial law is concerned, both for those who are about to join in marriage and for those who wish to end their union.

At the Dionisio Law Firm Professional Association in Turin, you can find extremely qualified marriage lawyers, with a long experience behind them also with regard to succession, inheritance and protection of minors.

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