Minors and adoptions

Minors and adoptions
Minors and adoptions

The procedure for adoptions in Italy is particularly complex and regulated in detail by the legislation tending to protect the right of every child to have parents able to offer him everything he needs to grow up, namely parents having the essential requirements to be eligible for adoption. For this reason, there are many stages to be faced to adopt a child and the timing is rather long; therefore it can be easy for the would-be parents to get lost in the bureaucratic folds of a rather complex process.

The Dionisio Law Firm boasts a long experience in the field of adoptions – national and international – and offers qualified advice to all aspiring parents that decided to adopt a child. Starting from the presentation of the application for adoption to the declaration of suitability, from the phase of pre-adoption custody up to the conclusion of the process with the order of transcription of the adoption provision in the civil status registers by the Juvenile Court, confirming the successful adoption, we follow our customers step by step and provide them with the best legal assistance.

In this context, the possibility of being denied eligibility for international adoption by the Juvenile Court is particularly important: in this case, it is necessary to lodge a complaint with the Court of Appeal within just 10 days. A delicate step in which our firm can assist and accompany you with humanity, professionalism and experience.

In addition to the adoption of minors, our firm also deals with the adoptions of adults and adoptions in the special cases referred to in Articles 44 et seq. of Law 184/1983 (when the adopter is a person linked to the minor by family ties up to the 6th degree or when he/she is the cohabiting spouse of the minor’s parent and other cases).

Our firm also boasts a long experience in issues concerning:

  • recognition of the minor;
  • judicial declaration of paternity and denial of paternity;
  • exercise and limitation of parental responsibility or forfeiture thereof;
  • succession in favor of a minor, legal protection and administration.

New frontiers: the children of same-sex couples
Advances in science and greater protection of civil rights in all their forms open up new perspectives and options, also in family law. Our firm proved immediately to be ready for this new “challenge”, gaining experience in the field of stepchild adoption, handling the first cases before the juvenile judiciary. In the same way, the Firm can provide advice on child recognition within same-sex couples.

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