Lawyer Cecilia Fraccaroli

Cecilia Fraccaroli


Lawyer Cecilia Fraccaroli deals exclusively with family, personal and child law, in order to offer specific expertise and experience; she has deepened these subjects, even on a theoretical level, thanks to the long-lasting collaboration with the State University of Milan, from which she graduated with honors in family law. With regard to these matters, the lawyer Fraccaroli has participated, as a speaker, in numerous conferences.

Cecilia Fraccaroli is also a family mediator at the association GeA – Genitori ancora in Milan, of which she is a member of the Board of Directors; she is also a member of the Board of Directors of MEDEF Italia, the Italian Association of family mediation professionals.

The lawyer Cecilia Fraccaroli is a member of AIAF, an association operating on the national territory and bringing together lawyers who practice the profession continuously or mainly in the field of family, juvenile and personal law; the lawyer Fraccaroli is also a member of the Juvenile Chamber of Milan and a member of the National Observatory on Family Law.

After almost a decade of collaboration with the lawyer Silvia Veronesi, an expert in family law, since May 2020 the lawyer Cecilia Fraccaroli collaborates steadily and exclusively with the Dionisio Law Firm.



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Articoli e convegni


Teaching for the remote seminar “Parenthood, conflict, Covid-19: boundaries and horizons”, organized by the GeA-Genitori Association of Milan, accredited by MEDEF Italia


Speaker, at the conference entitled “Families, separations, rights and duties: go back or go forward?” organized by the City of Gorgonzola as part of the project “Listening glances – Comparisons on current events between images and words”


Speech, as a teacher, at the residential conference organized by the Gea – Genitori ancora Association of Milan in Gazzada Schianno (VA) on the topic “The economic aspects in the mediation room: the point of view of the lawyer and of the mediator”


Lesson of the family law course: “measures regarding children in separation, divorce and termination of cohabitation between parents”


Intervention, as a speaker, at the meeting between teachers and parents at the comprehensive Institute “A. Stoppani “in Milan, entitled “Family mediation: an indispensable tool for a good separation between parents”


Participation, as a tutor, in the interactive seminar on the drafting of judicial documents in the field of family law.


Speech in Milan, in Piazza della Scala, on the occasion of the national demonstration organized against the DDL 735 for the reform of shared custody


Speech at the third meeting of the Corriere della Sera Live investigation “Shared custody: what would change for children and parents. All you need to know about the Pillon bill under discussion in Parliament”, Milan, Anteo Palazzo del Cinema , piazza XXV aprile no. 8


Intervention as a teacher, together with Dr. Claudia Piccinelli, at the seminar “The parenting coordinator”, organized by the GeA Genitori ancora Association and accredited by the Milan Bar Association, the Lombardy Social Workers’ Association and MEDEFItalia


Intervention as a teacher at the 2017/2018 family mediation training course of the GeA Genitori Association in Milan, on the theme “Economic issues”


Lesson of the family law course “Assisted negotiation”


“Assisted negotiation” seminar


Seminar “The separation: drafting the introductory appeal”


Seminar “The separation: drafting the introductory appeal”


Seminar “Jurisprudence and society: constitutional illegitimacy of the prohibition of heterologous fertilization and the case of the exchange of embryos in Rome”


Seminar “The separation: drafting the introductory appeal”


From March 2011 to today. Thanks to the collaboration, as an expert on the subject, for the family law course of the Faculty of Law, University of Milan (formerly with Prof. Maria Letizia Jabes Moretti and Prof. Vera Tagliaferri; currently with Prof. Nuccia Parodi), teacher of various seminars and lectures

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